Sunday 31 December 2023

2023: Looking Back

    On this last day of the year, it seems to be a tradition that we take a look back at the significant things that have happened.  Certainly, on the broad scale, it was the climate.   We had been hearing, and seeing how the extremes of climate have been hitting places around the world, with floods, heat, draught, rain, and wind.  For several years now our summers have been tainted with blankets of smoke from for away forest fires.  But, in 2023, it was our isolated valley that was finally hit with a conflagration that forced us to evacuate our home, not knowing if it would still be there when we returned.  Fortunately, it was spared.

    It was not only the fire that showed Mother Nature’s bite, the Robson Valley was hit with drought, a Category 5 Drought (the most severe), and we are still suffering from the lack of rain and snow, which makes us worry for next year.  In the 45 years that we have lived here, this is the first Christmas and New Years Eve we have experienced, with above freezing temperatures and no snow on the ground (photo below).  

    2023 was the year that I learned to fear Mother Nature.

    On the personal side, 2023 was the year I became an orphan, when my mother of 102 years, died.  That was followed months later when my favorite uncle who was 98 years old, passed away.  They were the last of that generation that were so generous with their time and efforts, to see that we had a good life.

    I confess that I fear to enter 2024.  The world is in severe decline in every aspect I can think of.  The climate will certainly get much worse, countries will certainly become more brutal toward each other, and people will continue to get crazier and crazier.  The world could be such a wonderful place without greed and the narcissistic craving for more and more power.  I sure hope that I am wrong.

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