Sunday 3 December 2023

A Gathering of Friends

    One of the things I have always cherished while living in the Robson Valley, was all of the social gatherings that we always had with our friends.  When we were younger, we didn’t need much of an excuse, and friends would be get together two or more times a week, but unfortunately, now as we age, those gatherings have spaced themselves out and it seems it is only at special occasions that we are together. 

     I think normally people of our age mostly gather with family, but most of us living remote and isolated in the Robson Valley, don’t have family close at hand, so we socialize as friends.  Our friends are a real international group, with individuals born in England, Ukraine, the US, Germany, Mexico, and some even born in Canada.

    Last night was one of those special events, we all gathered at the pub for a surprise birthday party for a friend, who had approached a milestone of age.  He was surprised when he walked through the door, expecting to see two of us, and when he heard the singing of “Happy Birthday” and saw the small crowd of friends sitting at a long table, he was very surprised.  

    The evening was filled with a lot of conversations, story telling, and joking, as we leisurely ate our meals, happy to all be together again.   I think it is safe to say:  A good time was had by all.

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