Friday 11 November 2022

A Complicated Square

    Every day I paint a square of the painting I am working on.  I have the whole image on my computer and I zoom in on the square I am going to paint that day.  The square you see on the left is the square I had to paint today.  It was pretty complicated and chaotic and so I bisected the square with a horizontal and vertical line, then drew diagonal lines connecting the corners.  These are guide lines that help me draw everything in the right place.  I drew the same lines on the square on the canvas, before I sketched the image out.

    You will also see some white lines outlining some of the areas of color, those also I drew them onto the canvas before I began to paint.

    The square on the right shows the square I painted.  It looks pretty crude compared to the image on the left, but once it is surrounded by all of the other squares I will paint, it will look okay.

    The square is just two inches by two inches, so it is not very big.  I first sketch out everything I see onto the canvas, then begin painting.  Usually it takes me between 45 and 60 minutes to paint the square.  Today, because the square had so much going on as far as image and color, it took me an hour and a half to paint the two inch square. 

    The painting shows a tree standing in front of a sandstone rock face that I saw at Zion National Park.  Below is what the painting looks like so far.  Can you spot that square I painted today?

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