Wednesday 23 November 2022

Loss of Appetite

    Normally, I love to eat.  Every day I would look forward to the next meal.  That all changed when I came down with Pancreatitis, or whatever it is, that has its grip on me.  I lost my appetite almost immediately, and being on an IV meant that I really didn’t get hungry.  When they took me off of IV and started giving me solid food, I had to force myself to eat it, and when I did, it tasted so bland and tasteless, that eating became a real chore.

    The toast was in no way crisp, the eggs without salt, was not at all tasty, the fruit seemed to be designed more for appearance rather than taste, and I couldn’t even make myself sample the cream of wheat.  I took the photo after I had “finished” the meal. 

    I was eager to get back home where at least food had taste, even though I still had no appetite.  They didn’t want me to eat any food that had fat in it, and fat is what gives food a lot of its taste.  I was able to find things that I could eat that did have taste, but it still didn’t give me any desire to eat.

    Things have certainly changed.  I used to really look forward to every meal, and now I dread the approach of mealtime.  As I force myself to eat, I know that in a few hours it will cause me discomfort in the abdomen.  

    I sure would like to get back to normal.

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