Thursday 10 November 2022

Holes in the Woodpile

    Getting and preparing firewood in the spring is always a big job and it is always gratifying to see it all stacked and ready to go for the winter, but then when winter finally hits and I start going through it to keep the house warm, it is always pretty stressful to see the firewood disappear.  That is what has been happening over the last few days as unusually cold weather for this time of year, has hit us.

    The temperature this morning when we got up was -21°C (-6°F) and it was a few degrees colder the night before, so we have been starting to go through a lot of firewood to keep the house warm.  The daytime temperatures have “highs” around -10°C (14°F), which hasn’t been too bad because the sun is shining and there is no wind.

    Every winter, as the firewood starts to disappear, I start to worry if we will have enough to get us through.  Every year, we do make it through with some left over, but you never know.

    The firewood you see left of the post is Cottonwood, which is not great for burning.  It doesn’t put out a whole lot of heat and burns rather quickly.  We burn it during the day.  On the right side of the post is Birch, which is the best firewood around here.  It burns slowly and puts out a lot of heat.  That is what I have been burning during our cold nights. 

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  1. We have snow today in Southern IN about an inch so far. It was in the 70's two days ago. :)