Wednesday 9 November 2022

Pond Outflow

    I have mentioned before that we have gravity-feed water that comes from a waterfall.  When the frigid temperatures of winter come, we have to keep the water constantly flowing so that it doesn’t freeze, so some of the water continually flows into my pond at one end.  At the other end of the pond there is an overflow, so as the water pours in one end, it flows out the other at the outflow.  

    Because it is flowing, the outflow is late to have ice form on it.  That is what you are looking at.  You can see some unfrozen water around the old fence post that is sticking up.  I was surprised a few days ago to find a duck swimming around in this little bit of open water.  All of the other ducks had migrated weeks ago.   

    It is always a treat to see open water, although as winter progresses, this will also eventually freeze on the top, but underneath the ice the water will still flow out of the pond.

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