Saturday 5 November 2022

Snowy Shades of Gray

    We got our first real snowfall overnight that left us with 15 cm (6 inches) of the white stuff on the ground.  I am always happy to see snow on the ground before we get a cold snap, because it gives a bit of insulation to the ground and to the roof.   The cold snap is gradually developing, with a forecast of -9°C (16°F) tonight dipping to -22°C (-7°F) on Tuesday night.

    The temperature is just below the freezing point, so it is a wet snow and every time we take Kona outside we have to march her to the shower to melt off all of the clinging snow she has on her feet and legs.

    Just after I shot these photos the wind started to come up, blowing the snow off of the heavy laden trees.


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