Friday 18 November 2022

In an Ambulance

    Life is sure full of unexpected incidents.   When I woke up last Saturday, the last thing I expected was that I would be whisked away to the Prince George Hospital in an ambulance, but that is what happened.  It all started shortly after eating supper, when I suddenly was wracked with pains in my abdomen.  I assumed it was a bout of food poisoning, that, after some very distressing pains and disgusting actions, would slowly disappear.

    I began experiencing powerful overwhelming chills that where scary because the caused extreme trembling that restricted my breathing.  The intense shivering lasted for 30 minutes despite all of the covers, hats and heat pads that were warming me, then they would disappear, I would slowly return to normal, but they would return about 10 hours later.

    By Monday, I figured that I had better get myself to the McBride Hospital, and they did a lot of tests that indicated that my body was seriously dehydrated, and they kept me overnight feeding me by IV. The next day they ambulanced me 2017 kms (135 miles) up to the big Prince George Hospital, where they could do more intensive testing.   

    I arrived at the hospital as I was again shuddering as the result of one of my extreme chills, and after some heated blankets, I again slowly returned to normal.  I was poked and prodded for blood tests and IV feeding.  I was allotted a curtained “room” for which I felt fortunate, because as I looked out from my space I could see other patients had to spend their days and nights in beds lined up head to toe, out in the hallway (photo below).

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  1. Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dehydration sneaks up on you!