Thursday 6 January 2022

Snow Deep Enough, Kona

    Yesterday afternoon when I took Kona, our fearless hunting dog, out for a walk, there was a deer at the bird feeder.  Luckily, the deer sensed the fearsome canine that had suddenly made an appearance in the yard, and it bounded off down the snowshoed path, then left the path, bounced through the deep snow, and leaped over the fence.

    Kona, who had by this time, erupted into a fit of loud barking, began a pursuit, although the deer was long gone.  When Kona got to the place where the deer had left the path, she too headed into the deep snow.  It did take her long to figure out that being in the deep snow didn’t work for her as well as it had worked for the deer, so Kona came a stop, struggled to turn around, then looked over at me with her eyes asking for help.

    So then it was my turn to wade into the deep snow, which came over my winter boots.  I picked Kona up and carried her back to the packed snow of the path, where she could again walk.  The exciting hunt being over, we headed back to the house.

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