Wednesday 5 January 2022

"Birch," My Latest Painting

    After 79 hours of painting, I finished “Birch” today, and while it looks like a winter image, it was based on a photo I took last year in April.  I saw the tree at Koeneman Park as I walked across the frosty grass.  I loved the way the sunlit tree was illuminated against the blue tree-covered slope of McBride Peak.

    As you can see it is an unusual shape for a painting.  I had been given the blank canvas that had been purchased by the late Trevor Jones, the McBride artist, and I wasn’t quite sure how I would use it.  I decided to do a vertical image rather than a horizontal one, and decided on the Koeneman birch.  As I painted it, I was confronted with all of the lacy small branches of the tree which were a pain to paint, but after a little more than four months of painting one square a day, it is finished.  

    It was done with acrylics on a 12” X 36” (30cm x 90cm) canvas.

    I am not sure what I will paint next.

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