Thursday 20 January 2022

Expanded Horizons

    I have been belly-aching about how difficult it was to walk around outside.  We had about 20 inches (50 cm) of soft snow on the ground which was extremely difficult to walk through unless you had snowshoes on, but then the weather warmed up and rained.  This knocked the snow down to about one foot (30 cm), but you still couldn’t really walk through it.  The rain also made all of the surface of our paths (which I had packed-down with snowshoes) irregular and slippery.  The foot of snow on the ground remained too soft to walk through.

    I was feeling pretty house-bound and Kona was feeling even worse, because we couldn’t really spend much time safely walking her around our place, but then we got a hard freeze.  This froze the foot of rain-soaked snow on the ground enough for me to walk on top of it without sinking.  So now Kona and I can easily walk just about anywhere we want on top of the snow, without sinking through.  It has sure expanded our horizons.

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