Saturday 15 January 2022

Please Take Me Outside, I Am So Bored

    Kona, with her head resting on the arms of a chair, looks up with her pleading eyes, and we get the message, she is tired of laying around in the house, she wants to be outside.  We’ve thrown her ball inside, we’ve given her time consuming snacks, but that’s just not enough, she wants to be outside to smell the animal scents and act like a wild dog.

    Unfortunately, taking her outside these days isn’t that easy.  The deep snow is rotten and can’t support her weight.  The snowshoed paths I have made are no longer as firm as they were, so my boots constantly break through the snow, or slide sideways.  The driveway is again so treacherous with ice, I feel like I am risking my life to walk on it.  (I will throw some more sand on it after I am done with this blog).  In short, things are just not very conducive to taking Kona for a walk outside, so we have to deal with an unhappy, very bored dog.

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