Monday 17 January 2022

Am I Going To Get Back Up It?

    The weather forecast for yesterday called for “Snow, sometimes heavy,”  instead we got “Rain, sometimes heavy.”  It was a very miserable day.  When the afternoon came, we knew that Kona would be desperate to go out for a walk, but looking at the weather and knowing how icy every of our potential walking places were, my wife opted out, so it was left up to me. 

    I decided to try Horseshoe Lake Road, but once I got there I saw that it was pretty much glare ice.  I slowly and cautiously drove down the hill to the parking area anyway.  Kona and I walked carefully on the shallow snow along the side of the road which provided some traction.  Once she had had enough, we turned around and headed back to the car.  It was then I saw the ice-covered curve and hill of the road and wondered if the car would be able to make it up the glazed surface.

    Luckily the four-wheel drive did its stuff and we got up the hill and returned home safely.  Things are sure treacherous for walking outside.  It is still raining today and I wish it was snowing instead.  That would adhere to the wet ice and make things safer.

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