Wednesday 12 January 2022

Sanding the Driveway

    While it is nice to no longer shiver under the Arctic Vortex, above freezing temperatures present their own problems.   All the snow on my driveway that wasn’t thrown off by my snowblower, was turned into “hardpack” by driving over it.  That makes an okay driving surface until melting temperatures come, then the surface metamorphose into smooth ice, making driving and walking on the driveway treacherous.

    My drive has just enough slope on it, that when starting out after turning around, vehicles without four wheel drive, have a lot of trouble starting up the slope when it is slippery, so every winter when the temperature rises above freezing, I have to spread sand or ashes from the wood stove to give traction.  The grit in the sand gives traction and the grains of sand and ash absorb heat that create an irregular surface on the smooth ice that also gives traction.

    I always fill two 5-gallon buckets with sand during the summer to use for this winter melt.  Of course I have to be a bit stingy putting it on, because I don’t want to run out before winter is over.

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