Wednesday 22 September 2021

Travel Surprises

    During the summer, our jam has been playing outside on the Train Station porch.  For the most part, the weather had been beautiful and it was quite enjoyable to watch the evening sunlight play across the town and mountains beyond.  One of the other joys of playing on the porch was the travelers who happen to discover us and either joined in on the music or just watched.  Many took videos which they sent away to friends saying, “Look what I found in McBride.”   Not that we are such a talented find, but I think the travelers really enjoyed the surprise of a small town concert.

    The experience made me think of a trip we took to Mexico in the 1980’s.  Among the various places we ventured to was the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.  This was an immense Meso-American city built by the natives around 100 BC.  We walked around exploring and climbing up to the top of the pyramids and when we got to the top of one of them, we found a crowd of people all gathered around listening to an impromptu concert by some Andean musicians who had lugged their instruments to the top and were performing.

    It was such a wonderful and memorable surprise; something that I will always associate with our trip to Mexico.  I hope that our Jam playing at the train station will be an enjoyable memory for some of the vacationers who happened upon our playing.

    Because of the weather is no longer very conducive to playing outside in McBride, our small group is now playing inside at the Legion Hall.  We are not welcoming visitors because of Covid restrictions.  It’s not as fun as what we experienced outside, but it is what it is and so far, we are still able to get together to play.

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