Saturday 25 September 2021

Sticky Clay


    After our dry hot summer, I had to deal with hard rock-like clay while digging the potatoes or digging the hole beside the house to get to the waterline.  For weeks now we have been getting rain and showers and the clay is no longer hard, it’s soft, slimy, and sticky.  

    The other day I had to refill the useless hole I dug, because the plumber never came and colder weather is coming.   The slimy condition of the clay made it a difficult task.  It stuck to the shovel and wouldn’t come off unless I banged it against something, and with every step I took, my boots got heavier and heavier, while I became taller and taller, as, the clay stuck to the bottom of my boots.  

    Happily after a frustrating couple of hours I was finally able to get the hole filled.  I hope that when I dig the rest of the potatoes the garden will have dried off a bit.  If not there will be slimy clay on the surface of the spuds and I will have to scrub each one before I put them away for the winter.  

    Heavy clay is not my favorite soil type.

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