Tuesday 14 September 2021

Covid and the Environment

    I often think about how this pandemic has changed those things that we used to do to protect the environment.  The cartoon shows one of them.  We would never use a “Drive Thru” when we went to a fast food place.  Driving through put more carbon into the air as you sat in the car ordering and waiting for the food.  We always parked and went inside to order and eat.  Now we avoid going inside and pollute the air instead.

    Another obvious change was the use of shopping bags.  We always took our own bags when we went to the grocery to avoid using so much plastic.  Then because of the fear of transmission of the disease through touch, stores outlawed bags brought in, and we were back using those hated plastic bags.

    Covid had limited the amount of driving that people were doing and maybe that is still the case, but now as cases again soar, it seems people are pretty much driving as much as they used to.  I assume the huge increase in shopping online and having things delivered by a courier is more efficient than everyone driving to the store and back to get things.

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