Monday, 6 September 2021


    Yesterday when we went to take a walk down Horseshoe Lake Road, we were surprised to see two horses standing on the road nibbling on the tall grass growing at its edge.  They had somehow managed to get out of their pasture.  We thought we’d better call the owners, but didn’t have their phone number, but did have the phone number of their son, so we called there.  We told his wife about the escapees.

    She said she would call her in-laws and let them know.  We figured we would just hang around until someone came.  We waited and waited and no one came.  

    I thought that maybe I could get the horses to walk down the road past the gate to their pasture, then open the gate and maybe herd them back into the pasture.  It didn’t really work.  As I got close to the horses instead of retreating like I had planned, they briskly walked past me toward the parking lot.

    I quickly called my wife who was in our car, parked there, and told her to drive the car into the road to block the horses.  She did and that blockage plus our barking Kona, persuaded them to move back where they were.  I called the owner’s son again to see what was happening and was basically told “nothing was happening, the owners were away.”  

    I tried to re-do my plan of getting the horses to move back so I could open the gate, but this time, using the car, driving slowly toward them.  The plan started to work, but when they got close to the pasture, a black horse appeared in the pasture that the escapees seemed to fear.  They started to move away from the pasture and the black horse, back toward our car.  

    I figured that the black horse in the pasture was probably bullying them and that is why they escaped in the first place.  I called again to explain the situation and ask what I should do.  The son told me, the owners don’t seem to be around, he couldn’t do anything, so we might as well leave, which we did.

    So there is really no satisfying ending to this story.  I don’t know if the horses are still out our not.  A simple activity like taking a walk around here can sure lead to unexpected events.


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