Sunday 1 August 2021

Wait A Minute, This Doesn't Look Like Bob's Memorial

    The other day at the post office, I saw a notice on the window about a memorial to be held for Bob Elliott; a guy I used to work with at the Forest Service.  He died over the winter on Vancouver Island.  I was in a hurry so I didn’t really look at the details, figuring I would run across further announcements about the upcoming event.

    Yesterday when we were driving to town my wife noticed and commented on seeing some chairs and other things set up at Koeneman Park.  On our return home, the parking lot at Koeneman Park was full of vehicles and we could see a gathering of people standing around in the distance.  My wife commented that it must be the memorial for Bob.  It was getting close to 2:00, which I figured must be the starting time.

    I liked Bob and spent a lot of days working with him and felt like I ought to go to the memorial and I still had time, so after we got home, I quickly changed clothes and headed back to Koeneman Park.  The parking lot was pretty full, but I squeezed beside another car and walked toward the grounds.  When I got to the first row of cars I could see into the park, and to my surprise saw a bride and her bride maids. 

    Clearly this wasn’t Bob’s memorial.  I shook my head, walked back to the car, and drove back home, feeling like a fool.

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  1. No one knew but you and your wife. Don't feel a fool,that was very nice of you to do in memory of Bob.