Tuesday 24 August 2021

My Latest Painting: "April"

    This morning I painted the last square on my painting “April,” which features a stormy sky, dry grass, and the naked trees that we see while waiting for Spring to arrive.  It is a departure from the type of painting I usually do.   It is more impressionistic, rather than being super-realistic.  It is also a full landscape, rather than one of the close images that I usually do.   It shows the scene we see from our house.

    The acrylic painting is on an 18” X 24” canvas, and I began painting it in May.  It took me 70 hours to complete.  

    I’m not sure what I will paint next, since I only have some odd-ball shaped canvases left and will have to figure out what images might work on those kind of shapes. 

You can see my other paintings at:  davidmarchant2.ca