Monday 2 August 2021

I Was Hoping August Would Be Different

    It is strange how I always trick myself into thinking that the arbitrary designations of humankind will somehow have some relevance to Nature.  If there is a change of month or year, I always think that means there will be some change in Nature.  When 2020 changed to 2021, I thought, “Good Riddance, finally things will change,” but the only thing that was different was the nomenclature of the year.

    July was such a horrible month for us with the Heat Dome, our smoke-filled skies, and the infestation of mosquitoes, so I was happy when the month finally changed to August, but here we are in August and all of the smoke and all of the mosquitoes are still with us.  It is not very motivating to wake up to smoke and mosquitoes day after day.  When I see a group of people doing things outside on a beautiful day, I feel cheated.  What has happened to our summers?

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