Friday 1 November 2019

The Mystery of the Oak Leaf

    The other evening as we were walking Lexi around Koeneman Park, I happened to glance down at the lawn and couldn’t believe what I saw.  It was a leaf from an Oak tree.  While that might not be an unusual sight in the Midwestern US, it was certainly is totally unexpected in the Interior of British Columbia.  The only Oaks I have ever heard about living in BC are the rare Garry Oaks that live in a very small ecosystem on Vancouver Island.
    I have absolutely no idea how this leaf got here.   Around Koeneman Park the only deciduous trees that can be seen are Birch, Aspen, Cottonwood, and Willows, certainly no Oaks.  
    I can only guess that maybe it somehow came from a tourist who stopped at the park, but still that even seems unlikely, considering the distances from any Oak trees.  
    Tis a mystery.

Note: maybe it's not that much of a mystery, a friend who is a professional forester told me that she was aware of a couple of Oak trees that people had planted in McBride.

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  1. Here is another guess. Someone around the area planted an oak in their yard ,from away from there that they brought with them from where they DO grow and it made it. We had a lot of wind lately. Might you have too?