Thursday 31 October 2019

Halloween Be Gone

    While I am sure a multitude of kids eagerly await the arrival of Halloween, I on the other hand, can’t wait for Halloween to be over.  Every year we make sure we buy lots of candy to give out to Trick or Treaters, and for a decade, not one has shown up at our door.  It’s a terrible problem, because we then have all of the candy we bought left over, and to prevent it from going to waste, someone has to eat it all.  
    Nevertheless, we have to be prepared in case some kid in a costume shows up.  We have already tested a few of the chocolate bars to make sure they are suitable for the kids and found out that they are. 
    After the witching hour is over tonight, we will have to face our responsibility, and finish off all of the candy that wasn’t given away (probably all of what you see).  I know it’s a sacrifice, but we will force ourself to do it.

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