Wednesday 6 November 2019

Lexi: Detailing Weeds

    I am beginning to realize that we aren’t really taking our dog for “walks” every day, but instead, we are taking her for “smells.”  Lexi is much more interested in smelling than walking.  I find it  fascinating how intense her smelling and analyzing is.
    Sometimes when she does start to run with me running beside her, she will instantly stop cold, turn around, and go back to some weed meters away, then very slowly and carefully, she will run her nose up and down the weed, carefully capturing every scent that she can glean.  This can go on for minutes, until I finally get bored with standing there, and urge her on for her “walk.”
    Our walks are more like spurts, with some running or jogging, punctuated with sudden stops for detailing weeds.   I wish I could get the same enjoyment out of the weed stops as Lexi does.

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