Sunday 17 November 2019

McBride Christmas Fair, 2019

    I have been participating in McBride Christmas Fairs for 40 years, selling everything from mohair yarn, Christmas ornaments, and art work.  These past few years it has been my calendars, art cards, and prints of my paintings that I have been hawking.  There were something like forty venders at yesterday’s events, and a lot of products went out the door.
    I didn’t sell quite as much as last year, but came pretty close to paying for the printing of my calendars, so next Saturday at the Valemount Fair I should get out of the red and make some profit.  
    The annual fair is a big social event which allows everyone to catch up on the lives of friends and acquaintances that they haven’t seen for maybe a whole year.  I was exhausted after the 4 hours of schmoozing, socializing, and selling. 

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