Monday 18 November 2019

Lexi in the Rearview Mirror

    Sometimes Lexi is just a bit to smart for her own good.   Now she has figured out how to open the back window in the car when we are driving.  
    We had harnesses that hooked on to the rear seatbelts for our previous dogs that would hopefully protect them in case of an accident, and we bought one for Lexi when we got her, but it never did fit properly, so we haven’t been using it. 
    Being a very curious dog, Lexi often stands up on the back seat propping her paws on the door’s arm rest.  Unfortunately the window opener is located on the arm rest and sometimes Lexi’s paw hits the window opener and opens the rear window, so we are driving along and suddenly hear and feel wind, and see Lexi in the rearview mirror with her head out of the window.  Over time she has figured out how to purposely open it.
    This is a bad practice which could lead to an eye injury or something.  There is a window lock I can press to prevent the windows from being open, but when Lexi is curled up and peaceful in the back seat, I often forget to press it, and then as we travel,  I am suddenly surprised to discover Lexi with her head out in the wind, analyzing all the scent molecules blowing passed her nose.
    We’ve got to find her a harness that fits.

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  1. Lexi girl, just don't fall out. Usually the car plastic is sooo slick.