Thursday 14 November 2019

Shipping News

    Because we live in an isolated village where a lot of things are not available, and two and a half hours away from the nearest urban center, we end up buying a lot of things online.  This of course means a lot of waiting for the item to arrive.  We pretty much plan on at least two weeks before its will arrival.  Things are a bit faster now, but not much.
    On Nov. 6th I ordered myself a laptop computer online, and have been anticipating its arrival since then.  Thanks to modern technology at least now I can go online and watch its progress across the world.  Above you can see a screenshot of the route it is taking to get to me.  Looking at the its route makes one scratch their heads in confusion, because it seems so inefficient, but I’m sure all of the bean-counters at the courier service have figured out the cheapest way to make a buck.
    My computer started out in China, then was shipped to Korea.  From their it flew to Alaska, then puzzling, it went all the way down to the midwestern US to Louisville, Ky.  After that it retraced its way back in my direction to Seattle.  I checked today and found out that it is at least now in Canada, in the Lower Mainland of BC in Vancouver, so I suspect I will finally get it next week.
    Years ago when I had ordered a computer, I watched it hopscotch around the world, and then when it got to Prince George our closest urban center, and I was all excited about its arrival, it disappeared.  I ended up having to contact the manufacturer and go through the whole waiting procedure again before I finally got it.  Hopefully, this one will not experience the same trouble.

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