Tuesday 26 November 2019

Skunk Cabbage; My Latest Painting

    Yesterday I painted the last square on “Skunk Cabbage” my sixty first painting.  I always enjoy seeing a skunk cabbage plant when I am hiking through the woods.  They are not that common and only grow in the very wettest areas like in very shallow standing water, often in often dark moist forests.  I spotted this particular plant along the Lower Goat River Trail, growing beside a small slow-moving creek at the bottom of a moss covered slope.
    Like my other paintings, this was done using acrylics.  It is 24” by 30”.  The 180 squares that make up the painting took me 148 hours to paint.  I painted the image in a horizontal position for ease, and it was interesting to finally see what it looked like in this vertical position when I finished.

You can view all of my paintings at:  davidmarchant2.ca

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