Tuesday 5 November 2019

Wettest Year I Can Remember

    2019 has been the wettest year I can remember.  It started in the spring, then continued into the summer and fall.  I continually had standing water in my garden, something that had never happened before, and it really hampered working out there.  I always try to “clean up” the garden and rototill it for the winter, but it was so wet, I finally just gave up and let the garden slide into winter in the mess that it was in.
    I know the year has been really hard on all the farmers who need to produce hay for their animals.  On Sunday I drove out to a ranch to pick up a pile of free moldy hay that couldn’t be fed to their horses, but that I can use to mulch my garden next year.
    Being a person whose personality is heavily influenced by sunlight, it has been really hard for me to get motivated on all of the gray overcast days.  
    Like most gardeners, I think about how much better things will be next year.  Let’s hope that it will.

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