Tuesday 10 September 2019

Warren Jones: Chainsaw Guru

    I have been having to do some logging lately so that I will have enough firewood to get me through the winter.  The chain on my chainsaw needed to be replaced, so I went to the only person I knew who might be able to sell me a new one--Warren Jones.  For decades he had run a chainsaw repair shop, but I wasn’t sure if he was still doing it.   I ran into him on Main Street on Saturday and found out he was still dealing with chainsaws so yesterday I took my chainsaw over to his place to get a new chain.
    When I walked into his shop, I was gobsmacked.  There were so many chainsaws, used chainsaw parts and tools that there was hardly any place for people to stand.  Warren took my chainsaw and looked it over to check if every thing else about it was okay, and all the while he was giving me tips about chainsaw care and use. 
    He put together a new chain for me, and showed me how to properly sharpen it (something I have obviously been doing incorrectly for 40 years.)   He gave me a new sharpening file, and cleaned out my chainsaw’s air filter, showing me the correct way to do it.
    The half hour I spent with Warren was really beneficial and I learned all kind of things I should have learned decades ago.  Warren is one of the Robson Valley’s real characters, and a really helpful and valuable members of our community.  I did wonder how he ever found any of his tools, he had so many and they were all in a jumble.  

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