Monday 9 September 2019

Oh, It's A Couple of Sandhills

    Yesterday as we were doing our walk down Horseshoe Lake Road, we suddenly heard a loud bizarre gobbily-croaking sound that at first we couldn’t figure out.  Finally it registered in our brain that what we were hearing was a couple of Sandhill Cranes.  As we looked around we finally spotted them in the pasture beside us.  Their gray color blended in quite nicely with the grass that surrounded them.  They had seen us coming down the road and were becoming alarmed, and let us know.
    We had heard Sandhills before, but always in a flock and far away.  Hearing them loud and up close was a unique experience for us.  My bird book calls their sound a “trumpeting, rattling, gar-oo-oo  that can be heard as far as a mile away.  
    I was happy that the Sandhills didn’t get disturbed enough by our presence to fly off, but they did slowly make their way toward some taller weeds that made them feel more secure.

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