Tuesday 3 September 2019

More "Arts in the Parks"

    This was a pretty active Labour Day long weekend for me.  On Saturday I was out at Ancient Forest Provincial Park to show off a couple of my paintings, then on Sunday our “Tuesday Night Jam” played in the park in McBride.  Before we played there was music by the Robson Valley Spring Ensemble and a local gospel group.  After we got done a performer had played in the pub the night before did some Johnny Cash covers.
    One of our audience members took a photo of our jam playing and was nice enough to give us a copies.  Unfortunately she had taken panorama shots because we were so spread out.  It was a long photo and we were all pretty tiny.  I used Photoshop on her pictures and squeezed us all together and that is the photo you see above.
    On Monday the “Arts in the Parks” moved to Mt. Robson and I will blog about that tomorrow.

You can view my paintings at:  davidmarchant2.ca

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