Sunday 29 September 2019

Community Garden Workday

    Saturday we had a workday at the McBride Community garden and there were a lot of volunteers that came to do the work, some of which didn’t even have boxes in the garden.  (I think one of the big draws was that do-it -yourselfers got a chance to use their rechargeable drills to drive screws.)  Besides cleaning out some of the plots after our killing frost, the big goal of the day was to heighten all of the raised beds so that it would be easier on the gardeners to work in their boxes. 
    A local sawmill provided the cedar 2 X 6’s, two layers of which were added and attached to the beds, heighten them by a foot (30cm).   There was a lot of whirring of cordless drills, as corners pieces were constructed, the 2 X 6’s joined together at the ends to make the rectangular box extenders, and the connecting of the height extenders and corner pieces were added to each box.  
     The work day was well organized and it was surprising how quickly the tasks got done.  It is going to take a lot of soil now to fill the boxes up so they can be used next year.

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