Wednesday 4 September 2019

Alphorns at Mt. Robson

    On Monday we hiked up to Mt. Robson Park’s Kinney Lake to experience the third day of McBride’s “Arts in the Parks”.   Keith Berg and Jane Houlden put on a lakeside concert with their Alphorns.  It was a unique experience to hear the horns echoing amongst the mountains that surround Kinney Lake.  Of course many of the local people on the trail knew about the concert, but it was a wonderful surprise for many of the tourist who had done the hike, to suddenly hear the horns echoing in the mountains.
    The one hour hike to Kinney Lake is a wonderful thing in itself.  The trail follows along side of the roaring turquoise Robson River, passing through a dark Cedar and Hemlock forest full of mosses, ferns and mushrooms.  Then the beautiful blue lake nestled amongst the mountains comes into view.  To have all of that, then the alphorns too, really made for a really special day. 

Take a look at my photo-realistic paintings:

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