Tuesday 17 September 2019

Charging Station?

    Last week when we drove into McBride to pick up our mail at the post office, I glanced over to the western edge of the parking lot and noticed this blue thing standing there.  I walked over to investigate, and it sure seems to me that McBride now has a charging station for electric vehicles.  I don’t remember seeing any announcements, so either I missed it or it hasn’t been announced officially yet.
    While I really love the idea of electric vehicles, the great distances we face around here to get anywhere have always seemed an obstacle to electric vehicles.  We can only go in two directions in McBride, east or west. If we go west its 217 km (135 miles) to Prince George, with nothing in between but trees, and if we go east its a two hour drive to Jasper before we can refill (or re-charge), so electric vehicles are not really very practical yet.  All of the hills and cold winters would also aggravate the problem.
    But with all that said, I was happy to see that things are improving for electric vehicles.  I haven’t really seen any around here, but maybe some have gone through.  At any rate, it is a sign of progress that it looks like we at least have a charging station in McBride.

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