Wednesday 25 September 2019

Dog With An Insatiable Appetite

    Looking at our dog Lexi, one might think she is a very refined and civilized canine.  This would be a misconception, because Lexi is a ravenous dog with a voracious appetite that is never satisfied.  She is a rescue dog so we don’t really know what her previous life was like, but we were told that she came from a First Nation’s reserve.  She must have been pretty food insecure because that is by far the main focus of her life.
    A few days ago my wife was getting ready to go to one of her quilting weekends and she had all of her sewing supplies all packed up and sitting by the back door.  She had made herself a sandwich for her lunch which was wrapped in a plastic bag and placed inside a bag with some of her other supplies.  While waiting to leave, she suddenly asked, “Where is Lexi?”  This phrase always puts a panic in our house.
    She did a search and discovered our refined pet, with her head in the supply bag and the wrapped sandwich in her mouth.
    We have been going to Koeneman Park to walk Lexi.  We bought some “compostable” poop bags made out of corn meal, that we use whenever Lexi does her business in the park.  We keep them in the car.  
    The other day when we left Lexi in the car while we were in the grocery store, we came back to the car and found Lexi down on the floor of the passenger side trying to eat the corn meal compostable poop bags.  Her sense of smell must extraordinary to detect the molecules of corn meal in those bags.

    It’s not like we don’t feed her, she gets two regular meals a day and constant snacks of blueberries, raspberries, green beans, and regular dog treats throughout the day, but no matter how much is in her little stomach, she always wants more.  We have to watch her closely so she doesn’t eat the wrong thing.

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