Sunday 1 September 2019

Art in the Ancient Forest

    Yesterday I participated in the second annual “Art in the Ancient Forest” celebration. Last year they had asked me to display some of my paintings, but the only painting that related to the cedar forest (Old Growth) was framed under glass, and I knew that it would be difficult to see outside with all of the reflections in the glass, so I just spent the day wandering around in the forest taking photos.  I didn’t really want to display any of my other paintings because their subject matter had nothing to do with the forest that was being celebrated.
    Over the past year I painted “Devi’s Club” which featured an image of the plant whose photo I had taken in the forest.  I have been working on a painting of “Skunk Cabbage” a plant that also grows in the deep cedar forest.  It was only half done, but I took it along to explain to show people how I paint one square a day.
    The organizers of the celebration had situated me in a beautiful shady section along the boardwalk trail that meanders through the Ancient Forest.  I was in a nice little shelter that would protect me from showery weather, but the weather was perfect, and there was a constant flow of people walking the trails.  Over and over I explained how I painted and got a lot of compliments on my work.
    I will have to come up with another image from the forest for next year.  It was interesting to see how nicely my Devil’s Club painting fit into the Devil’s Club environment where its source photo originated.

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