Friday 6 September 2019

Lexi, Our Athletic Dog

    When we were pouring over the dog rescue sites on the internet and came across Lexi, one of the things that stood out was her age.  They had estimated that it was between 7-10 years old.  We didn’t want to get a dog that was so old that it would die on us, but at the same time, we realized that we were no spring chickens either, so we thought it might be good to get an old dog and not some energetic young one.
    Boy, were we surprised when we got Lexi.  She is the most energetic dog we have ever had.  When we go for a walk, it is more like a run, with me jogging and sometimes sprinting beside her, so I can keep up.  She “walks” at such a quick pace that even if I walk as fast as I can I can’t keep up and have to break into a jog.
    We decided to take Lexi along on our hike up to Kinney Lake the other day.  That is a 9 km (5.5 mile) round trip.  I figured it would probably wear her out, so I carried a big day pack just in case I would have to carry Lexi back home, but she motored up the trail and back down the trail without slowing her pace at all (she did do a lot of sudden stopping to sniff out animal scents).  
    Of course, all her energy is keeping me in shape to.  It really makes us wonder if she is as old as they estimated.   All her non-stop energy has sure been a surprise to us.

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