Friday 13 September 2019

Day of the Plant-Based Burger

    It was an unusual day for me yesterday, as far as diet was concerned.  I spent most of the morning splitting and stacking firewood, and when I was done I went in for lunch and remembered I really hadn’t planned ahead like I normally do.  I was trying to think of what I could quickly fix when I remembered that we had some frozen plant-based burgers that we had bought at Costco in the freezer, so I thought I would just fix myself one of those.
    Plant-based burgers have really been making a splash on the news lately, and I am certainly a convert.  New developments by Beyond Meat and Impossible have really made them taste, feel, and look like meat.  These new ones  are delicious, and so much tastier than what used to be available.  
    I first heard about the Beyond Meat burger when it was introduced in Canada at A&W.  I was curious and tried one, and I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like a beef burger, I liked it better, it was juicy and delicious.  The next time we went to Prince George we ate at A&W again.  I ordered the Beyond Meat burger, and my wife got herself a regular burger.  We sat down to eat, I was working on the fries while she was tucking into the burger.  I then tasted mine, and immediately asked her, “Are you sure you are eating the right burger?”
    Sure enough, she was eating my plant-based Beyond Meat, and didn’t even realize it.  It is really amazing how they have created that beef taste just using things like peas and other plants.  Now whenever we go up to Prince George we like to stop at A&W for a Beyond Meat burger.
    Anyway, back to yesterday.  I ate my burger for my lunch at home, my wife came home, and I was reading in bed when suddenly I noticed that our dog was squirming around and acting strangely.  She seemed to have some kind of problem with her back leg.  She couldn’t stand up, which threw us into a panic.  
    Luckily we were able to get an appointment with the Valemount Vet Clinic, and made the one hour drive to Valemount.  By the time we got there of course, our dog seemed back to normal, and the vet couldn’t really find anything that had caused the problem.  
    Valemount does have an A&W, and every time we go to Valemount we stop there to eat a Beyond Meat burger.  I hadn’t told my wife that I already had eaten a plant-based burger at home for lunch, so I had a second one--two in one day.
    I am not a vegetarian, but I try to avoid eating mammals.  I have done that for decades.  I do really like the taste of hamburgers, and so I find it really great that I can have that exact taste without having an animal die.  

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