Wednesday 31 July 2019

Canoeing Down the Fraser

    The other day as I was driving down the road, I caught sight of the Sustainable Living Leadership group paddling on their long journey down the Fraser River in their enormous canoe.  They are part of a program called the “SLLP” or Sustainable Living Leadership Program, sponsored by the RIvershed Society of BC.  Along the way, they learn about local ecosystems and  environmental concerns, as they  meet with local residents, and make their nightly camps in rain forests, deserts, and grasslands along  their 800 km route down the Fraser to Vancouver.
    The trip is done every year starting at Tete Jaune, BC, then usually making stops at Dunster, and McBride in our area.  They of course can’t paddle the whole Fraser because of the extreme rapids of Hell’s Gate, but paddle most of the tamer parts of the river.
    While I have met the group at gatherings (this year I helped out with the dinner for them at Dunster), I have never actually seen them in their canoe actually traveling.  I wish them tolerable weather and interesting experiences.

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