Sunday 14 July 2019

The Tadpoles of LaSalle Lake

    The other day on our trip home from Prince George we stopped in at LaSalle Lake to take a look around, since we hadn’t been there for a couple of years.  It is a beautiful lake nestled along the Cariboo Mountains.  It is a peaceful place, usually without many people around.
    LaSalle Lake was a Forest Service Recreation Site when I worked for the Forest Service, and so I often had an opportunity to go there.  Once when I was there I was gobsmacked by the immense  school of tadpoles that were swimming around in the water.  I had never seen so many, big, black, healthy looking tadpoles before.  There were thousands of them.
    On last Friday’s stop-in, I was gratified to see that there was again thousands of the wiggly critters swimming around.   They were in a huge doughnut-shaped school, just slowly revolving in the shallow water of the lake.  I always fear animals are disappearing, so it was good to see they were still around.
    Below is a photo of LaSalle Lake for those who aren’t familiar with it.


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