Saturday 27 July 2019

Raining? Let's Do the Rainforest.

    If it’s raining (which it was) and you have guests to entertain (which we did) there is only one solution:  Take them out and show them a rainforest.   Fortunately we do have a rainforest in the Robson Valley, an inland temperate rainforest;  The Ancient Forest Provincial Park.  That’s what we did on Wednesday.
    It is an hour’s drive east of McBride and by the time we got there the rain had stopped and the clouds were lifting.  We walked along the boardwalk through the dark canopy of the giant cedars, surrounded in greens of ferns and Devil’s Club, and the peaceful silence of the forest. 
    We ate our lunch beside the rapid waters of Slim Creek at the Rest Area then drove back stopping at the unmarked West Twin Old Growth Area, for more giant cedars, this time growing in a carpet of mosses.  These are the type of forests I love to be in and I think my guest were taken by them also.

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