Thursday 1 August 2019

Unrelenting Showers

    I guess if we were to be stuck with the same weather day after day, there would be worse things to have than showers; hot and dry would stress the garden, and create the potential for forest fires, but still it is rather depressing to get showers every day.  At least with these showers we manage to squeeze out at least some sunshine during each day.
    While most of the plants in the garden are thriving with all the moisture (especially my peas which have given me a bumper crop) at the same time other plants are struggling; I have some pole beans that haven’t even managed to develop any flowers yet.  The weeds in the garden are loving this weather, not only do they get all of the moisture they need, but the soil is so wet that no one comes to pull them out.
    The normal weather systems for the Robson Valley are:  showers through June and half of July, then more heat and sunny days through August.  These days I’m not sure that things are still happening the way they normally do.  

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