Saturday 13 July 2019

Squirrel No. 11, & 12

    If you don’t believe this I will understand, it’s hard for me to believe it.  I have now live-trapped, transported (kilometers up and down the road), and released 12 squirrels that were in my shop.  I thought maybe a couple lived there, but it looks like all of the squirrels in the neighborhood have been using it. 
    I know there is a possibility that I am catching and re-catching the same squirrels, but it seems like surely I am driving them far enough away to release them, that if they were returning, it would take them a lot longer than it is when I catch squirrels in the trap. 
    We drove up to Prince George yesterday so I didn’t set the trap.  Hopefully there are no more in the shop.  Today Todd, the drywall man is coming to put drywall on the ceiling of the shop.  That should, at least, prevent squirrels from getting into the insulation.
    I sure hope this is the end of the squirrel problem for a while.

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