Saturday 20 July 2019

They Made It To The Moon!

    Like the day JFK was assassinated, I remember where I was when Man first stepped onto the surface of the moon.  I was in Hawaii taking Peace Corp training, and it was a weekend, so my girlfriend and I had hitch-hiked to the dry side of the Big Island to spent the night sleeping in the sand beside a big rock at Hapuna Beach State Park.
    When we got up in the morning, the Sun was shining, and the surf was rolling in on the sand, and we decided to hitch over to the fancy Mona Kea Hotel at the edge of the park to have breakfast.  It seems like it was there where we listened to the moon landing on the radio.  
    The landing on the moon was one of the really monumental events that happened during my lifetime, and decades later, I was in one of those roadside antique/junk shops and came upon the glass you see in the photo.  It hit me upon seeing the glass just how much the hoopla surrounding the moon landing had faded from the public consciousness.  I couldn’t help but by it and the companion Apollo 12 glass.
    They certainly aren’t high art or anything like that, but the event it acknowledges is as monumental as the discovery of North America.  Even though the glasses have spent the existing time since their purchase in my shop, I am happy to have them as a reminder of that amazing accomplishment.

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