Thursday 11 July 2019

Jealous Lucifer

    Our cat Lucifer always wants to be the most important “person” in our house.  We knew this might be a problem when we introduced Lexi, our new dog into our home.  To compensate we made sure Lucifer still got all the loving she was used to, and a lot of extra head-rubs to boot.  Things are working out better than we thought, but Lucifer still continues to push her status.
    Yesterday I was on the couch and Lexi was lying beside me.  This didn’t really sit right with “Lucy” so she jumped up on the couch, walked over to where Lexi was sleeping, jumped over Lexi, and positioned herself on my lap.  She was again in a dominant position and was happy and content.

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  1. The photo and the explanation made me grin and chuckle. You guys look happy and content.