Monday 22 July 2019

Footstool/Dog Bed

    When Skye, our previous dog had trouble getting onto the bed, I took a footstool that we weren’t using and put it at the end of the bed so that Skye could use it as a step to make it easier.  The solution worked well, but surprisingly, soon Skye was using the footstool for a bed.  It seemed a strange thing to do because the footstool isn’t level it is sloped.   It made us chuckle every time we saw Skye curled up and snoozing on the footstool.
    After Skye died, we never got around to moving the footstool out of the bedroom, so it was there when Lexi, our new dog entered our lives.  Surprisingly, as you can see in the photo, Lexi too likes to curl up and sleep on the footstool.  

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  1. Since you aren't sleeping on the stool with her , she gets to sleep undisturbed, maybe. She is so pretty.