Friday 5 July 2019

Squirrel No. 3....and 4

    It seems I had a bigger squirrel problem in my shop than I imagined. 
    If you read the blog I wrote the other day you will know that a squirrel (seems it was really squirrels) was making a mess of my shop, tearing up insulation, and depositing pine cones in cubby holes all over.  After taking several other measures to try to get rid of the “squirrel”  I borrowed a friend’s live trap.
    I caught the squirrel and relocated it down the road.  I set the live trap once again just to make sure there wasn’t another squirrel in the shop, and caught another one, then another one, and this morning caught the fourth one.  Yikes, I had a whole colony living in my shop.  I reset the trap once again this morning, but I sure hope I have now gotten them all.
    I have been releasing them all at the same spot up the road, in case they want to see each other, but now I am wondering if they will all find enough food in that one location.  While living here, they were using my bird feeder as a food source.  At any rate, I will leave that problem to Mother Nature.

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