Thursday 18 April 2019

Tree Remnants in the Road

    Every Spring I am reminded that where I lived used to be a forest.  The frost always pushes up the root remnants of one of the trees that used to grow where my driveway is.  In the photo above you can see my driveway and three of the roots of that tree.  Actually there are five roots segments in a circular shape, but I only got the three on the photo.  They rise to the surface every year with the frost, then disappear.  In past years, I have gotten fed up with them and dug and hacked at them, but obviously, I didn’t get them all.
    The photo below show a similar thing on Hinkelman Road.  Hinkelman Road used to be the “highway” to McBride, so the road has been there for probably 80 years, but still there are parts of a tree from the original forest sticking out of the pavement.

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