Sunday 7 April 2019

Mountain Bluebird

    We got one of those springtime treats yesterday as we went on our walk.  We saw a male Mountain Bluebird.  It is something we look forward to every spring.  The female bluebird is more gray and doesn’t have the intense blue color of the male.  They like to hang out on broad open fields where they catch insects.  Our pasture is too small so we never see them around our property, we have to be out by a big pasture or field to see them.
    Fortunately a lot of the local fence lines which border the fields and pastures have nesting boxes for them (photo below).   I assume this bird house is color-coded to give a hint to the Mountain Bluebird, but In past years it has usually been swallows that I have seen nesting in the bird house pictured.  I am sure some of the houses must be used by the bluebird.  
    Yesterday’s Bluebird spotting was especially rewarding because I was able to actually take a decent photo of the bird.  Most of the time they fly away and I can’t get close enough for a good shot.

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